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About William & Alison Smith

An internet search is easy. With just one click, we can find out more information than we can even read or sometimes understand. Finding information about real estate is not a problem. It’s finding information you can TRUST, information that will lead your purchase or sale in the RIGHT PATH. The right path is one that helps you progress toward your real estate goals (or even start them), gives you the opportunity to grow wealth, and contribute practical knowledge that you will use in your next real estate transaction.

William & Alison Smith—HomeSmiths—aim to meet these priorities with their clients:
• Unlock and simplify the process of buying and selling real estate
• Direct clients toward learning useful application of real estate knowledge

William has dedicated his entire professional career understanding the needs of his customers. After 25 successful years in the furniture industry, William left to pursue an interest in real estate that began when he purchased his first home at the age of 22. Three years later, he nearly doubled his money after he fixed up and sold the house. For the next 20 or so years, William applied his unique skills of recognizing value and maximizing a customer's profitability to the furniture industry. These are the same skills he brings to his real estate clients. Outside his professional life, William enjoys clearing kudzu around his house and watching college baseball.

Alison has spent the last 20 years developing specialized plans to help grow the potential of others. As a homeschool teacher, she accomplished more than shape the paths of a Game Warden, Freshman All-American baseball player, and full academic scholarship winner with her own three kids. Alison also regularly shared her experiences and knowledge by consulting and teaching other homeschool families. Alison’s clients can expect to come away with practical knowledge that is personalized to each individual situation and needs. She is known to stay up late binge reading and is not afraid to get her hands dirty tiling a bathroom.

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